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Coming to Theaters 2021

A Bachata Movie In Development

After losing his legs in Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), a man returns home to learn to dance again and fall in love once more with the woman he left behind.


Marcus Cruz, comes home ready to lead the dance stage with the help of his brother, dance studio owner Samuel Cruz, former girlfriend Amber, and his X3 prosthetic legs. The studio, Semeneya, is located in San Antonio, Texas. Both the studio and the city face Draven Corporation which intends on demolishing large parts of the town to build a massive detention center.

Draven is a conniving-narcissistic CEO. He tasks his right-hand man Alec, a refined but money-hungry lawyer, to shut down Semeneya. Alec enlists Chad, one of the studio’s instructors to get information that will help Draven Corp shut down the dance studio.

Marcus, determined not to let the studio close, uses his charm to regroup his Veteran friends, spread the message through social media, and build the largest protest the city of San Antonio has ever endured in an effort to stop Draven Corporation from demolishing buildings.  But Marcus knows the protest is a temporary fix. So, he works his charisma to find a way to stop Draven Corp. Eventually, with the help of his funny and caring cousin (Baldo), he uncovers a loophole.

Meanwhile, Samuel, understanding that his studio may close, and with Amber’s help, trains Marcus and Dayana to perform an unforgettable bachata dance routine in time for Semeneya’s last dance competition.

Slide LEE RIOS Executive Producer Lee Rios is the owner of Semeneya Dance Studio
and Director of San Antonio’s B. I. G. Salsa Festival,
an international dance event that happens once a year.
Semeneya is a world-class dance studio based in
San Antonio. The school is responsible for teaching
thousands of students Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, and
many other dance styles.

The large studio also doubles as one of San Antonio’s popular
event center, attracting Latino Stars like Jerry Rivera and
El Gran Combo.

An accomplished entrepreneur focused on
entertainment, Lee also manages the B. I. G. Salsa Festival.
This renowned event attracts worldwide talent and
showcases the best in Latin dancing.
Slide DIANNA FELICIANO Executive Producer Dianna Feliciano is the owner of DFNTLY Entertainment,
San Antonio city’s number one resource for providing talent
for nightlife, parties, and corporate events. Diana has 15 years
experience in finding, contracting, and showcasing incredible
performers that provide unforgettable experiences to their

Dianna is a strong marketing professional with a degree
focused in Marketing from The University of Texas at
San Antonio.
Slide ELIUD "ELLIOTT" LAMBOY Executive Producer/Writer/Director Elliott was born in Puerto Rico. He retired from the US Air Force
after an accomplished career leading medical crews into battle
zones in Afghanistan and Iraq. After an exciting military retirement,
Elliott moved to the civilian world and earned his MBA. He used
his marketing knowledge to help clients achieve successful online
ad campaigns.

As a Marketing professional, Elliott quickly realized
that video production was king in online marketing. With the same
determination he had in the military, he began producing successful
video marketing campaigns. However, it was the art of videography
that fired up his emotions.

His passion was solidified by filmmaking. Elliott produced and
edited “Love Transcending” a short film and recent
official selection for the San Antonio Film Festival.
Slide JESSICA COSTALES Director Jessica was born in Ecuador. She came to the US at an early age
where she grew up in a military family. Jessica earned her
communications degree from University of Texas, San Antonio.

Jessica began her “around the world” adventure in Japan,
and became fluent in Japanese. She developed strong
photography and storytelling skills in her travels. Those skills
eventually made their way into filmmaking. Her first film as a
writer/director, “Love Transcending” was made an official selection
for the 2019 SA Film Festival. Jessica wrote, directed, and produced
“A Thousand Year Reset” short film shot in Switzerland and the US.
Slide RICK CUELLAR Executive Producer/Casting Director Rick Cuéllar, a native of Texas, was born and raised in Weslaco,
located in the Rio Grande Valley. He attended the University
of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio where he earned a
Bachelor of Business in Inter-American Business and a Bachelor
of Arts in Human Relations.

After an international business consulting career, he returned to
the USA and enrolled in the television and film production program
at San Antonio College. Consequently, he established El Mundo
Productions, LLC currently developing an infrastructure for the
Internet, television and film industry to get people working full
time in Texas.

In 2006, Rick wrote and produced, Alamo Heights SA, the first streaming video soap opera for
Internet distribution before Netflix and Hulu’s launched streaming services.

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Latest Developments

Dear Semeneya Family,

Semeneya Dance Studio has been closely monitoring the latest developments regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) through our local, state and federal health agencies. For the safety of our community, we will postpone all group classes, team practices and social events at the studio effective immediately. Limited private lessons will be offered based on instructor availability. On Friday, March 20th, our team will reassess the situation and will update our members via email, social media and on

Your physical and mental well-being is important to us. We encourage you and your family to take this opportunity to join us on a new adventure of ONLINE DANCE CLASSES launching at Semeneya Dance Studio this week! 

We are currently working with our instructors to set up and deliver this service through our YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram channels. This week, the online classes will only be available via Facebook and will be free to all members, friends and family. Stay tuned for more details.

Semeneya Dance Studio is following all CDC guidelines and taking additional measures to ensure our facility remains a safe place for our members, guests and staff.  Our process includes daily deep cleaning of all meeting spaces, bathrooms and commonly touched objects such as doorknobs, water fountains, light switches, tables, chairs and iPads used for member check-in will be thoroughly disinfected.

Thank you for your support during this time. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me or my staff via email or phone.

Peace, Love and many crossbody leads!


Lee Rios

CEO and Dance Director

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Se Menea-The Bachata Movie-Character Breakdown MARCUS CRUZ Hispanic of Puertorican descent, early 30s, retired Air Force Special Forces, a confident risk-taker…

Se Menea is a movie in development aspiring to fight misrepresentation and underrepresentation of the Latino community in the film industry with its inspiring Latino characters, talented Latino artists and powerful storyline. December 6, 2019: Latinos are not just drug lords or criminals. They are amazing dancers, valiant fighters who can risk their lives for…

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Pre-Production (8 weeks)

During this period the Company will hire all crew, scout and secure filming locations, secure rentals for camera and lighting packages and prepare shooting schedules, etc. At this time all talent will be cast and finalized. Press releases are prepped and media contact lists are prepped.

Production (4 weeks)

The production period will be the time that the principal photography will take place. After this time all of the scenes for the film will be completed and “placed in the can”! Press releases are sent out at the beginning of the production phase. At the end of principal photography, we launch the online marketing campaign (to include social media).


During the post-production period, the director and editor will select the best “takes” of the various scenes and edit those takes into an assembly of the first rough cut. Once the film has gone through editing the project moves through various departments for finalizing the show.


During Distribution phase, the distributor will partner with our PR Company to create a multi-platform social media campaign to drive viewership, gain sponsors and advertisers. This approach will give us a complete package with enough leverage to shop distribution channels such as: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and will also seek out foreign distribution as well.

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