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Semeneya is proud to offer an array of classes to meet your dance and wellness needs. We offer Afro-Latin, African, Ballroom and Latin dance classes as well as wellness classes like Zumba, Stretching and Conditioning for dancers and are planning to continue adding new genres of dance over the next few months.. The dance faculty are award winning and internationally famed for their talent on and off the stage. If Performing is a goal, Semeneya offers an array of teams from amateur to Professional level performance.

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Salsa is deep rooted in the Afro-Latin culture across the America’s and is a universal language that can be found in every corner of the world. Salsa is derived from a combination of various style of dances from afro-Cuban, rumba, cumbia and son. These varied styles have led to multiple styles of Salsa taught at Semeneya to include Caleňo, LA, Mambo and the traditional Afro-Cuban our instructors have spent years learning, mastering and traveling to study under the top instructors and performers from around the world.

Afro Cuban

Afro-Cuban, too many known as the roots of salsa, a combination of body isolation and specific movements that play to the history and musicality of salsa. Paying homage to the roots of its ancestry. Our Instructors will teach you history, body isolation and how to playfully add this to your social dance.

On1 or L.A. Style

On1 or L.A. Style, which is flashy and plays to the rise and falls within the music. This style of dance can be found in any corner of the word and has a focus on fancy turn patterns and at times dips. Our team of Instructors are trained in On-1 and we offer a variety of levels from 1 all the way to advanced level 5.

On2 or Mambo/New York Style

On2 or Mambo/New York Style, puts an emphasis on footwork and shines that offers the freedom of playful musicality. This style is also popular across the world and affords the freedom of connecting with the music in a different way, allowing for fun turn patterns, individual flare in shines and musicality. Our Instructors offer several levels of Mambo and offer fun and easy to understand teaching styles.


Kizomba – means “party” and developed over time from Semba, Ghetto Zouk and Zouk Love all which are dances rooted in different African cultures. Though there are several theories on it’s beginnings, what is known that it has been most famed for the music and dance from Angola. Kizomba is a dance focused on connection, musicality and enjoyment. Unlike many dances Kizomba is about simplicity, danced in closed position and in a circular pattern, this dance is known for its silent conversation between dancers and the music. With music often sung in Portuguese, the often slow and smooth musicality of Kizomba has grown international fame and made its way to the Afro-Latin scene. Semeneya offers levels one and two as well as a Tarraxihna class.

Kizomba 1 – is an introduction to the fundamentals of Kizomba, ensuring that connection, basic footwork as well as saidas or exits are executed correctly, while working to help understand musicality. Instructors work to ensure that a strong foundation is developed to assist leads and follows understand connection as well as how to become better leads and follows.

Kizomba 2 – builds upon the connection and fundamentals of beginners Kizomba. Teaching advanced moves such as “pasada” and “slides.” Instructors work to improve familiarity with music and understanding the timing, as well as building confidence on the dance floor.


Tarraxihna – is dedicated to body isolation, instructors will work on the movement and isolation of hips and understanding the momentum to which body rolls, hip isolation and when it is appropriate to to exercise in Kizomba.


Bachata – or “guitar music” that comes from the traditions of Bolero music was born in the Dominican Republic, and has gained a much deserved fame across International waters. A dance that plays to the happiness and melancholy of the heart, and is as playful as the whining of its lead guitar.

Dominican Bachata – is the most traditional form of Bachata famed for its playful footwork, musicality and Dominican swing. Danced in both open and closed position, instructors will focus on footwork, musicality as well as understanding how to lead and follow.

Sensual Bachata – has grown a following over recent years and plays to the sensual styling of bachata, mostly danced in closed position and includes body rolls, isolation as well as understanding connection. Instructors will teach basic lead and follows as well as understanding timing and social dance appropriateness.

Stretching and Conditioning

Stretching and Conditioning (Yoga) Strengthening and lengthening of your muscles and body is important not only for the day to day activities of life but also for wellness and to prevent injury on the dance floor. This class offers a serene and Zen environment that also allows for meditation of the body, mind and soul.


Zumba – Upbeat music, high energy dance moves mixed with high impact aerobics moves, is sure to get you sweating, heart rate going and calories burning. We offer an array of certified instructors that offer classes to all age groups from kids to adults. So if you are looking to get your kids, family or just you fit in a fun way.


Cumbia – widely known for roots in Mexico and Texas is also deep rooted in many South American countries. Known for it turns, fancy foot work and high energy. Our classes offer fundamentals, advanced turn patterns as well as musicality. The fun and energetic classes will definitely offer a challenge as well as have you dancing to the fun beats of cumbia.

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