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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Se Menea-The Bachata Movie-Character Breakdown

MARCUS CRUZ Hispanic of Puertorican descent, early 30s, retired Air Force Special Forces, a confident risk-taker with pretty-boy looks. Marcus, tall, dark, and handsome, is sharp-witted, charismatic, and caring.  He can laugh at himself and is ok with other people laughing at him. He joined the military late in his 20s because he felt the need to do something greater and convinced his adopted brother to do the same.  Marcus cares deeply about people in his inner circle. He’s also very ambitious and always strives to be the best. Marcus wants to live the best life he can. Prior to leaving for the military and later losing his legs, Marcus was well known in the dance world, competing and winning in Latin styles including Salsa and Bachata. 

Marcus has a dark side.  He can be self-destructive when depression hits.  With the same drive that he conquers all his goals, he will apply to his self-destructiveness.  After losing his legs from an IED that also killed his brother, Marcus’s drug and alcohol abuse also put him on the brink of death.  During this difficult period, he became isolated and struggled with personal relationships. He stopped talking to his girlfriend, Amber, the woman he was planning to marry.  He found a reason to live before being medically discharged.

AMBER, early 30s, Hispanic female, registered nurse, dance instructor.  Amber decided to become a nurse after witnessing her dad pass away from a heart attack.  This also happened around the time that Marcus stopped talking to her. He was undergoing rehab at Walter Reed in DC and isolated himself from Amber, family, and friends. Additionally, Amber was taking care of her parents and couldn’t be at Marcus’s side.  Amber is blingy, but down to earth. Like Marcus, she laughs at herself and loves to joke. She loves jewelry, wearing big earrings, and likes to show off her body with tight fighting clothes. Conservative sexually, she’s ambitious about her goals. Amber is looking for the right person to start a family with. 

CHAD, early 30s, Hispanic-Caribean dance instructor.  Chad is an ambitious, street smart player.  He didn’t finish high school because he needed to work and take care of himself from an early age.  Chad loves to dance. But the few family members that he has (a drug addict brother and an alcoholic mother) believe he is wasting his time with dancing.  Chad is aggressive with love, women, and life. When he wants something, he goes for it. Life is a serious business for Chad and no one gets in his way.  

SAMUEL, late 30s to early 40s, Hispanic-Caribean male. Semeneya owner.  Samuel is Marcus’s older brother. His life revolves around Semeneya dance studio, where he teaches Latin dancing styles like salsa, bachata, and kizomba.  While the studio has had its ups and downs, Samuel has managed to make it a successful business. Samuel is funny and charming. He’s a local celebrity known and loved by many.  As a dancer, his skills are superb. He loves to compete and hates to lose.  

Like Marcus, he cares deeply about his inner circle.  He felt betrayed when Marcus made the choice to join the military and not stay with him to make the dance studio a success.  He also blames Marcus for the death of his little brother that lost his life in the explosion.  

MYSTI, late 20s, Hispanic-Caribean, dance instructor.  Hispanic female.  Mysti is a highly skilled dancer.  It’s her passion and she’s on a journey to become the best. She’s blunt with the truth and a perfectionist.  She’s a lesbian, and while not open about her private life, she also doesn’t hide her sexuality. Mysti has lots of visible tattoo’s, piercings, and loves to put on extravagant makeup.  She’s intelligent, fearless, and a leader in her field of dancing. 

DAYANA, early 20s, White female. Dayana is a longtime friend of Marcus’s family.  She’s charismatic and funny. She’s also passionate about life and loves exploring new things.  What Dayana lacks in grace, she gains in enthusiasm for loving and learning. Dayana is also exploring her sexuality, coming to terms that she’s bisexual. She loves being healthy and is a bit of hippy.  Concerned more with comfort than fashion, she’s normally found wearing tennis shoes and t-shirts. Her t-shirts are usually funny. 

MELISSA, early 20s, Hispanic female, dance instructor. Melissa is sassy and outgoing.  She’s a social butterfly that loves to show her skills on social media platforms. A funny character, melissa’s humor centers on sarcasm.  She’s confident and likes to look at herself in the mirror as much as she loves other people watching her dance. She loves wearing jewelry and makeup.  Melissa is ready for her 15 minutes of fame. As a dance instructor, Melissa is committed to making the dance studio a success. She spends most of her free time in the studio.

WILLIS, early 30s, White male.  Willis and Marcus met during a special forces assignment in Afghanistan. It was ironic that they met so far away being from the same city. They became best friends in the years they served as special operators.  Marcus was trying to convince Willis that it was time to quit the military at the end of their tour. Willis considered it. Then Marcus and his brother Sebastian were hit with an explosion during a convoy. Willis lost his state of mind and was pulled from Special Operations command.  What followed was a self-destructive path for Willis that led him to a less than honorable discharge. Willis now lives with his mom. Constructively, Willis is using his love of cars to rebuild his life and compete in drift racing. He picked up the construction of his car where he left before the military.  

Willis was also married and had a child before joining the military.  His ex-wife, Lynnette, and son Brian are still part of his life.  

ROSITA, mid-50s, Hispanic-Caribean female.  Rosita is Samuel and Marcus’s biological mother.  She adopted Sebastian after his mother–her sister–passed away from leukemia.  She’s a lively lady, loud, funny, and energetic in typical Puertorican mother fashion.  She’s not afraid to hit her kids even though they’re adults. Everyone loves her to death.  Rosita loves hugs and kisses from everyone. Her sons’s wellbeing is the most important thing in life for Rosita.  

ALEC, mid-40s, White male.  Alec is an astute lawyer and Draven Corp’s Draven right-hand man.  A University of Maryland law graduate, Alec’s skills as a corporate lawyer is in par with anyone from the ivy league schools.  And yet, he’s always trying to prove to himself that he’s better. His ambition led him to Draven where he now resides overseeing a ruthless path to wealth with Draven Corp.   Alec is well-spoken, intelligent, and physically fit. He also looks experienced as a lawyer.  

DRAVEN, mid-40s, Hispanic male.  Draven was born with a silver spoon.  His father, a real-estate mogul in Miami, Florida, was a distant influence in Draven’s life.  Mostly brought up by his maids, he later attended Wharton School in Pennsylvania where his maids and the rest of his staff lived luxuriously in condos around the school.   His ambition is rooted in trying to prove to his deceased dad that he is relevant and that he can run an organization successfully. Draven is narcissistic, using people without any regard.    Draven’s power stems only from money, not from intelligence. He’s aware of it and doesn’t care.

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